2 x 18650 batteries in parallel to charge from one TP4056-C, than using both batts in series.

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I have made a stun gun (not for sale here), for my partner using a TP4056 , a 18650 bat, 2 switches, an LED and a 1000KV Boost Step up Power Module (Ex AliExpress)
Workings: One switch puts the voltage on the LED and connects to one pole of switch 2. On depressing switch 2, the "1000KV" is energized and a decent spark emanates from its 2 points. I works well.... it sparks well.
I read on line that these 1000KVunits , only reach around 10KV tops, That in my opinion is not going to do its intended job eg giving some attacker a good belt, without killing them.
I also read on this forum that one TP4056 can charge 2 parallel 18650 bats.
The 2 batts in series need to fire the '1000KV' which will increase the output maybe to 20KV or more, which i guess, would be sufficient to make a clean getaway when attacked.
BUT I am having a problem coming up with a simple circuit, with maybe some diodes or what have you.
Wonder if anyone could help?


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