2 12v batteries, 24v charge, uneven 12v load

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  1. JTfromNE

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    Jun 10, 2016
    I have a bus with 2 large 12v batteries connected in series for a 24v system. Most of the load on the system is 24v and it charges via 24v alternator. There was some minor 12v load off both batteries for lights and other equipment. I added a large stereo system with several 1,000 watt amps. I'm drawing off one of the 12v batteries for power on the stereo.

    Here are my questions;

    1. will the uneven load affect the charging system?
    2. does adding another smaller 12v battery in parallel to the heavy load side of the system affect charging/draw?
    3 if I increase the capacity of the system, by adding 12v batteries in parallel, do I have to do it to both banks equally?
    4 should I run 24v to some type of voltage reducer and place a bank of 12v batteries there for the high stereo load?

    I have no way of equalizing the 12v loads between banks.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. tcmtech

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    Nov 4, 2013
    For that large of power demand from only one battery you need a high capacity charge balancer unit.

    There is no other way around it other than to either add a second 12-volt alternator to handle that half of the battery and load or convert the whole bus over to a 12 volt system.