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I got Re Chargeable "C" Batteries.

I have a Charger that Drains the Batteries then Re Charges them.

These Batteries do not last more then say 5. Days.

If I use just Alkaline Batteries in my Device they last about 4. Weeks.

I want Re Chargeable "C" Batteries that are about the same mH as Alkaline Batteries.

I need 1.5 Volts can anybody help me find them on Amazon?


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Look for NiMH batteries.
They have no significant memory problem so don't need to be discharged before charging as NiCds do (and it likely will reduce the number of life-time charge cycles if you do).
Your charger is apparently designed for NICd batteries, so buy a charger specifically designed for NiMH batteries.
NiCd chargers aren't well suited to charging NiMH batteries.


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Are you using them in something (clever) that tells you when they are flat, or something simple (like a torch) that simply stops working when they are flat?
Because Nickel batteries are 1.2V rather than 1.5V the device will think that they are flat when they are not, if it was designed for alkaline batteries.

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I used Ni-Cad batteries 40 years ago then I switch to using similar Ni-MH batteries. A huge C size Ni-Cad had a capacity of about 1000mAh to 1200mAh.

New 1.5V rechargeable Lithium batteries are rated at mWh instead of mAh. They usually charge from a computer's USB 5V.
They are all made by Chinese No-Name-Brand companies so I never use them (they probably will burn down my home).