12 Volt Proximity Kill Switch

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I have a stand-up paddleboard to which I have attached a 12 volt trolling motor. I'm in need of a kill switch that is proximity activated so when I leave a determined radius, power is discontinued. I would like to attach the wireless trigger to my life vest.


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I would suggest looking into a magnetic reed switch first. A magnet tied to a lanyard is a simple solution that should not be ignored.
…which doesn’t depend on an electronic circuit that could fail from the moisture and permanently supply power / continuity to the motor.


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If none of those suggested can be found, many boats use such to kill the engine if the driver falls out. So a marine supply shop should have one made for the application. Avoid a trailer breakaway switch because they switch ON when the lanyard is pulled..
And a wireless is about the most likely to fail at the worst possible time.