wiring diagram

  1. A

    Portable Washing Mashine Modification - Wiring Problem

    Howdy, It's my first post here, I've been trying to work the issue out myself, but where I'm at currently I've no functioning RDA protection on the mains breaker and I've no sacrificial fuse equipped power bar to plug my project into in case it causes a surge I'm trying to fix my grandma's old...
  2. B

    How to wire an endstop (limit switch) to an LED

    Hello! I have a project in mind that I need some assistance with. I am looking at purchasing these UV LEDs. I want to connect it to this endstop. It is a switch from a 3D printer. I only need to wire up a single LED. The power source would ideally be as compact as possible. Also, if anyone...
  3. groN

    Wiring diagram for SEEQ DQ2816A-250

    Good day. Tell me the wiring diagram for SEEQ DQ2816A-250. Is it on the old reliable SUN CWB 1710?