1. B

    Triac fusing current check

    Hi Guys, I have bought a triac which have a value of fusing current = 166 A2S for Tp=8.3ms mentioned in the data sheet I am wondering how can i check this value? Also , for the current pulse width triggering the TRIAC (0.5ms). Thank you for your support
  2. I

    Delta connected load on- off control

    Hi, I have to on-off switch a AC load, which delta connected 3 phase AC source. Consider the load that will be switched on-off is Z1. To achieve on-off switch, I think use zero cross triac opto driver and triac for both Phase-R and Phase-Y. But I am confused. When Phase-R reaches zero point...
  3. O

    Triac BTA208S600D, BTA208S600F blinking or working unstable

    Hello! Please help me validate the electrical design and the set of the components. The goal is to create removable modules that could switch the different types of payload: 1. DC MosFET module - switching and PWM of the 9-56V with 4A 2. AC MosFET module - switching and dimming (front and...
  4. IvarsOzolsDB

    300W AC light dimmer mod to 500W

    Bought Stairville PAR56 Active 300W and got a bit dissapointed in light output. So I got wondering maybe there is some mod I could do to put 500W 230V PAR56 bulb in it (originally 300W 230V PAR56) and not fry dimmer circuits. I traced schematic (look in attachments) in high voltage part, as it...
  5. P

    Triac Simulation Question

    Hello all, New to the forum and came here to get some more information about simulating mains voltage Triac circuits. My issue is the following; I have an opto-isolated TRIAC control circuit for a resistive load (water boiler). I know that Triacs generally have a junction voltage drop of ~1-3V...
  6. M

    Triac-controlled motor problem

    I have a bit of a problem with controlling a universal motor with a Triac. I have built the circuit shown in the attached picture (designed by someone else) and then I've written the software to control the firing of the Triac from an Arduino. It all works very well except that every now and...
  7. V

    Understanding the significance of a few passive components

    Hello all, I'm currently doing some work on a piece of equipment which has been in my work's storage cupboard for about 8 years. On said piece of kit was this PCB that has seen better days (picture attached). I can't find any paperwork for it and it doesn't appear on any of my electrical...
  8. A

    Input supply jerk of triac when power turned on

    Hi, I implemented the circuit from this video. After implementing, I realized a mistake, whenever the main supply switch turns on, there is an initial jerk (also visible in the video, the link starts video video from that point of issue) then triac operates as per gate voltage level on gate. Is...
  9. sukhoi191

    Triac equivalent (131-8D) in a coffee machine

    I bought a damaged Lavazza coffee machine. After quick analysis I've found something in TO-92 case, which apparently exploded for unknown reason. It's literally in pieces, but I was able to find that the last letters describing the model were "8D" at the top and "30" at the bottom (see...
  10. mike_the_begginer

    Arduino PID soldering station with zero crossing detector

    I build on bread board the attached schematic and I uploaded the attached code to an Arduino Uno. I tested each part of the schematic (the pot, the OpAmp, the zero crossing detector, the optotriac) and they are working. The problem is that when I start the circuit I got the attached screenshot...
  11. I

    Tying triac outputs together for independent switching of load

    Hi all, Is it ok to tie the output of multiple triac switching devices together to independently switch on a common load? I am looking to have multiple outside motion lights that are on my house, tied together so that if motion is detected in one area, that it turns the lights on on more than...