1. M

    Combine multiple pulse waves into one source SPICE netlist

    Hello, Is there a way to create the wave form in the attached image in a SPICE (Xyce) netlist? Each block is 200ms. So, 20 1V pulses with a 10% duty cycle and 10ms period for the first 200ms, then 0V for another 200m, then -0.9V pulses with 10% duty cycle and 10ms period for another 200ms...
  2. F

    Proteus Simulation Error

    Hi everyone I'm new to proteus and I try to analyze and learn. I was watching a YouTube video about designing a simple 8-bit processor. I downloaded the files in the description but I cannot run it. I tried contacting the respective owner but no answer yet (Video was uploaded 7 years ago). I...
  3. D

    LTSpice opamp models (LM324)

    My very first post, so please be gentle! I am doing an analog design where I want to use an LM324 single supply opamp. So I decided to have crack at LTSPice. I realise LTSpice does not come with a model for that, so I must find and add in my own. Even that process seems onerous, on top of the...
  4. M

    SPICE model error with Subcircuit model nodes as "Text" Instead of Unsigned Integer in Mindi SIMPLIS

    Setup: MPLAB Mindi Simulator in SIMPLIS mode, *.mod model file of capacitor GRM31CC80G227ME11. I have loaded(via model library addition or directly including using .INC file) a Sub circuit model of Capacitor(GRM31CC80G227ME11) to Generic capacitor part in Mindi Simulator and using it circuit...
  5. A

    2SC4488 NPN Transistor for SPICE

    Hi there! I am currently looking for 2SA1708 and 2SC4488 transistor models to integrate into Spice, but I could not find any model on the web. Could you please help me if you have the related models? Or can you please give me feedback about what parameters are the most important ones to model...
  6. T

    can't find definition of model 'MBRA340T3G' in LTspice?

    Hello, I have tried to add the schottky diode(spice model from onsem) as you can see on the schematics on LTspice but I keep getting the same errors and I have watched the intro from this link : Adding Third-Party Models to LTspice IV but I still get this error I have saved the same schematics...
  7. Mayank_2606

    NGSPICE Not recognising modelfile, they are in the same directory

    Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing great. I am trying ngspice and have run into a problem. Whenever I try to import a model file in that, It throws an error and I just cannot seem to rectify it. I am adding all the files here and ALso mentioning that all of them in the same folder and I...
  8. O

    How Can I measure MOSFET ro(output resistance), ID(DC current) at LTSpice?

    Viewed 1 time 0 The subject is to make ro=500k, ID=100u by setting VG3,VG4 and W/L of MOSFET. And I got the exact values from Hand-calculation, and am trying to test it by using LTSpice. I did make this schematic. and DC currents of two mosfet was around 74uA (I don't know it is right way to...
  9. A

    Sycnhronous converter design in Ltspice

    Dear all, I am trying to simulate my synchronous buck converter and I managed to implement complementary signals to driver two different transistor. The issue is as follows: 1- I inserted dead-time (green circle) but the problem is that at the start of the period two signals overlap...
  10. @

    how to simulation nem relay in spice?

    Hello all I am a M.Sc student of Computer architecture My thesis subject titled is " Improvement of energy consumption for adiabatic logic applications using NEMs technology ". I have difficulty in creating my NEMS' relay stimulation. I need to model a nems relay to a frist degree of...
  11. L

    MLCC Model

    A simple MLCC capacitor model would generally include capacitance, equivalent series resistance ESR, and equivalent series inductance ELS terms. Looking at the Ceramic Capacitor Models models provided by AVX in the SpiMLCC tool both impedance & ESR data is provided as plots and as spice models...
  12. Draskown

    Can't find a Multisim component

    I'm working on a project in NI Multisim i simply cannot find two Balance ICs: HY2210 and HY2213 or their replacements or some circuit or SPICE models. I've searched ewerywhere I could think of and no sings of such. Please, help me.