serial communications

  1. A

    Dying for a 1 wire switch IC similar to Maxim DS2413

    Well , I was looking for a slave addressable ic for 1 wire protocol which can control a single GPIO. The RS2413 is the most right IC I could find suiting my needs (however I need only 1 gpio). But in my country, I'm having difficulty finding this IC, also, if there is a little cost effective...
  2. SaMirakle

    Need Help Decoding Automotive CAN Bus Extended Frame Bits

    Hi everyone, I don't know why but I'm having a tough time decoding CAN Bus data frames, even after looking at many sources showing bit field diagrams of how the data is supposed to be structured. Background on project/goal My main goal is to connect directly to an electronic turbo actuator...
  3. M

    ESP32 SerialBT sending data rate is not stable

    Hi all, I'm using ESP32 model: ESP8266 with a built in BT module. I'm trying to open a BT connection between the board and an phone app with sending data rate of ~1-3kHz. I'm using Aruino IDE as a code environment and implementing the connection using #include "BluetoothSerial.h" library...
  4. System/360

    RS-232 Isn't the TXD on Mark until the start bit?

    My first post, please pardon me if this is not in the right group. I have a USB-serial adapter using the FTDI FT232R chip. Specifically it is this item I bought on It is connected to a Windows 10 laptop. I connected the TXD pin to a simple oscilloscope. When I send some data from...