Siglent SDL 1030X DC Electronic Load Serial Programming Tutorials and References

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As the title implies, I was wondering if anyone has any good references or tutorials for doing more advanced operations with the SDL DC Electronic Load Device. I've been using the EasySDL program for some simpler functions, like setting a CC for time values on some power supplies. But I would like to write longer and more complex routines, such as Ramp Up to a Set Current, hold for X time, drop the current to 10% of the previous value, hold for Y time, and so on.
I know there is a serial function to set this, and while under the "Function->Program" setting on EasySDL you can do this to an extent, I'd like to try to get something built offline so I can make necessary changes, and just import it as needed, or send via serial commands. I've tried going through the "programming guide V1.0" I found on siglent's website, but they are using Win7 / Visual Basic 6.0... and was hoping for a more up to date tutorials or references I can use.

Thanks in advance for any links or directions you can point me in!