1. M

    drive mosfet with 3.3V, minimal component count

    i have a 3.3v digital pin, attempting to use a PNP to switch an Nfet (Vdrain=5v) on/off at a rate of 1kHz. i can't use the inverting-NPN method to drive the gate because that way the Nfet would be on for a few mS after POR. Here's my circuit with a minimal # of parts: Am i full of it? Is there...
  2. aapitten

    Help with PNP-Based SPDT Switch with 'Off'

    Hey everyone, As part of a larger project I need a circuit that functions like a SPDT relay, but also need an 'OFF' position. It is a rather complex application but, to explain it simply, I have a switch that has two solenoids attached to it. One solenoid moves it 'on' and the other moves...