1. safiana

    How to make parallel piezoelectric/PVDF transducers for force measurement?

    Hello everyone! :) I am having difficulty in understanding a concept since I am not in the electrical field. I am working on a project to measure the dynamic force on a surface using embedded PVDF transducers. Based on the theories I studied so far, if I connect this PVDF to the charge...
  2. Bassem Faris

    How to use speaker instead of piezoelectric to have a mist maker?

    Hi all I watched a video that someone used ferrous core and rounded a coil around it and made an oscillator circuit.. and he could make mist with it. I was wondering if we can use suitable size speaker to do the same thing.
  3. K

    How can i store the energy from a piezoelectric element, into a 3,2v Li-on battery?

    Hello, I want to build a piezoelectric energy harvester, that can store the energy whenever it it pushed, into a standard 3,2v Li-on battery. This is a project where I want to build a powerbank, that charges itself in the shoe, through pressure onto a Piezoelectric element. My problem right...
  4. Energy forever

    Piezo question

    I got some piezo discs, hook one up to my multimeter, apply pressure to disc, get voltage, switch over to measure current, get nothing. I repeat same process with a second and third disc, and get same results. Ive seen people use these, not mine, but these same piezo discs to power an led hooked...
  5. D

    Will this simple Piezo circuit work?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if this simple circuit will work as I expect it to. So this is for an engine, I'm utilizing multiple Piezo igniters to create a spark plug and I'm trying to figure out if this will work. I understand that this would be pretty easy to test I just don't have the...
  6. Emad2017

    How Can I submit a novel patentable design idea to a company?

    Hi there, Recently, I have designed a new charge amplifier than can be used to implement a precision and low-cost interface for piezoelectric sensors. I have published an article about the novel proposed circuit in IEEE Sensors Journal. ( A brief information about the new proposed circuit has...
  7. Sudip Mandal 2

    Interfacing circuit for Piezoelectric vibration sensor to detect shock

    I want to detect the mechanical shock of a machine. To measure the vibrational shock I am using Minisense 100 Piezoelectric vibration sensor. I have done the feasibility test using it and it is giving output as expected. I have observed on the oscilloscope output frequency for all type...
  8. A

    Help with basic piezoelectric generator circuit design

    Hello, I want to experiment with the properties of piezoelectric generator devices. I am looking to get a few PZT devices where I can stress / impact the material to produce current. I have concept to use multiple PZT devices where they will be stressed simultaneously. The PZT devices output a...
  9. Elazar

    High Power Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Transducer Driver

    Hi Everybody, I am working on a project that needs to drive 5 (175 watts) Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Transducers, the system needs to output clear ultrasonic sound at 40 kHz (precise sine wave) The system needs to produce a very clear sound (of course not for the human ears) of 40 kHz sine wave...