1. MissFluffy

    Does anyone here know where I could get a Longtek 6052 X-S duplex display?

    Does anyone here know where I could get a Longtek 6052 X-S, as mentioned on these websites? 1. https://www.electronicshub.org/digital-alarm-clock/ 2. https://makingcircuits.com/blog/how-to-make-a-simple-digital-clock-circuit-explained/ Are there any alternatives to it that works with my...
  2. A

    Why is my D-latch not working?

    Hi, i have been trying to o a all transistor binary counter using d latches but my pcb doesn't work. When i test it on simulation program everything is all right. Can you help me see where i have made a mistake?
  3. ali.malik

    Identify this IC od suggest me a similar one with the same pinouts.

    can you please identify this IC because there is nothing written on it or you can suggest me a substitute with the same pinouts. This circuit board is used in 8 program flashing led lights adapters.
  4. M

    About LTC2668 component signal glitch, sudden short voltage drop before the main pulse

    I have the LTC2668 on my board, I am doing signal verification on it. https://www.analog.com/en/products/ltc2668.html#product-overview I found that all SEL1~8 outputs have weird drop of voltage before the main pulse as shown in the waveform below (this sudden voltage drops always happens at a...
  5. H

    GNSS Receiver designed IC circuit noise issues

    Hello everyone I wanted to share with you the design of a 2-layer full GNSS board that I have recently developed using Direct RF sampling architecture. The board consists of several blocks, each equipped with SMA input/output connectors, as well as an SMA connection between VCC and GND to check...
  6. Elgordoroberto

    Ic led switch circuit

    Hello all, I’m helping my daughter with a design project and part of it needs a simple led control circuit. Using a single push button and 4 leds, I need an ic circuit that would light led 1 with th e first button push, led 1 &2 with the second, led 1,2,&3 with the third button push, leds...