1. dchraca

    Searching for Nema 5-15p plug type that fits directly on the PCB board

    Hi all, I am trying to find a solution for my product that involves directly plugging the housing into a wall outlet Nema 5-15p. My goal is to make the PCB have the plugs directly on the board if possible but after scavenging the web, I was unsuccessful. Alternatively, I found an AC-DC...
  2. T

    Finding Push button connector

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find connector that fit to 16mm push buttons, like in the picture. I will be happy to buy the connector and the terminals and crimp them by my self, not to buy assembled cable. Thanks in advance!
  3. dacke

    Name of connector type

    Hi, does someone know name of this connector type from an image?
  4. sudhirgs121

    Need an idea on a connector type

    any has idea on this type of connector?
  5. C

    Looking for this male connector

    Hi, looking for the name/where I can find male plugs for this connector so the battery can be charged. Tried Powerpole connectors, they were to big and to square. Thanks for any help.
  6. Younes Thabet

    How to desolder a 100 pin connector?

    Hello all, I have the connector in below images that I need to remove from this board to use it in a different board. I tried using a soldering iron with desoldering pump but it doesn't suck the melted solder because of the small size of holes..! The board is an old board and the...
  7. D

    Help identifying these connectors and what parts should interface with them.

    These look like they would accept bullet connectors of some kind, but I can't seem to find the parts to actually look up what they interface with.
  8. C

    Looking for the reference of a 12 pins circular connector for old Kinesik led panel

    Hello all, I'm looking for the reference of this 12 pins circular connector (see pictures). It's an old Kinesik led panel. It's a bit different than the current M12 connector standard... I couldn't find anything myself on internet so if anyone knows this kind of connectors it would help me a...
  9. L

    What connector is it ? urgently

    Hello, I am Luis, currently I am doing a thesis about AMR, there is one socket or connector that I don't know what is called. Do you guys know what it is ? It is in the Zltech's ZLAC8015D Driver. On J5 section, the middle socket. It because i need to connect RS 485 to the driver. Photos...
  10. Pabas

    How to connect 2 pin led strip to 4 pin controller

    Hi there. I have 2 pin white led strips. And I want to connect them to 4 pin WiFi controller. I have some idea but idk if it gonna works.
  11. E

    Dell inspiron n5110 sata connector problem

    Hello guys i have a Dell Inspiron N5110. My cdrom sata connector was ripped a while ago. Yesterday i decided to fix it because i wanted to buy a ssd and connect my hdd to cdrom socket. But i realized that 2 pins on sata board side was shorted together because their trace was exposed. it was the...
  12. K

    Connector identification

    I didn’t see a “connector” sub-forum so I’ll try here. I am trying to determine the male connector for this female plug. The male 3pin soldered on the board in this box. I just want to determine its name so I can buy one on eBay to make a pigtail and have it snap in with its intended retaining...
  13. T

    detecting if connector is plugged in

    The basic problem were trying to solve is certain secondary device's cables gets left unplugged and we need a way to detect a cable that is plugged into my device,and check if that cable is actually plugged into a secondary device and not hanging around unplugged. I have a cable with 5 pins on...
  14. P

    PCB Design: Footprint creation for Connector Molex Part 5024301430

    Could anyone provide me the knowledge on how to design the pads for this connector with special mark on point 7. How to handle the Shaded region in this design. 1. Is that need to be considered as a pad? (or) 2. Shaded region is no need to consider as a part in footprint? (or) 3. Shaded part is...
  15. S

    Holden/GM Fuse panel connectors ID

    I am trying to add power for a dash camera and a few other electronics inside the cab of my 2011 Holden Colorado which I assume uses similar connectors to the rest of GM's products. I would like to avoid tapping into the cigarette lighter or any other circuit and instead use some of the spare...
  16. A

    Help. Looking for connector

    Does anyone recognizes connector attached in photos, looks like 1mm pitch, 5mm wide, ~1mm high Used in Beats Solo3