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    Connector identification

    I didn’t see a “connector” sub-forum so I’ll try here. I am trying to determine the male connector for this female plug. The male 3pin soldered on the board in this box. I just want to determine its name so I can buy one on eBay to make a pigtail and have it snap in with its intended retaining...
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    detecting if connector is plugged in

    The basic problem were trying to solve is certain secondary device's cables gets left unplugged and we need a way to detect a cable that is plugged into my device,and check if that cable is actually plugged into a secondary device and not hanging around unplugged. I have a cable with 5 pins on...
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    PCB Design: Footprint creation for Connector Molex Part 5024301430

    Could anyone provide me the knowledge on how to design the pads for this connector with special mark on point 7. How to handle the Shaded region in this design. 1. Is that need to be considered as a pad? (or) 2. Shaded region is no need to consider as a part in footprint? (or) 3. Shaded part is...
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    Holden/GM Fuse panel connectors ID

    I am trying to add power for a dash camera and a few other electronics inside the cab of my 2011 Holden Colorado which I assume uses similar connectors to the rest of GM's products. I would like to avoid tapping into the cigarette lighter or any other circuit and instead use some of the spare...
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    Help. Looking for connector

    Does anyone recognizes connector attached in photos, looks like 1mm pitch, 5mm wide, ~1mm high Used in Beats Solo3