Holden/GM Fuse panel connectors ID

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I am trying to add power for a dash camera and a few other electronics inside the cab of my 2011 Holden Colorado which I assume uses similar connectors to the rest of GM's products.

I would like to avoid tapping into the cigarette lighter or any other circuit and instead use some of the spare fuse spots in the cabins fuse panel but I can't seem to find any connectors that look similar to what I am after.

It is sized between a regular blade connector (6.3mm and 5.Xmm) and has a clip in locking tab on the connector itself, any pointers in the right direction would be a great help.



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Stuff like that is usually hard to find. Some times a dealership will stock them, but when I need something like that it's time to go to the auto recycling yard and get a connector with as much wire on it as possible. Then you would just splice the wire to your new wire for the camera. Use heat shrink tube on the splice.