Connector identification

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I didn’t see a “connector” sub-forum so I’ll try here.

I am trying to determine the male connector for this female plug. The male 3pin soldered on the board in this box.

I just want to determine its name so I can buy one on eBay to make a pigtail and have it snap in with its intended retaining hook.

3-Pin Power Harness Wire Plug Interface Pioneer CD-ML100 (female pigtail)

(Male box with female pigtail in photo)

thanks for any help in naming this connector used on Pioneer car audio.



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An appropriate male connector is in that picture. What "pitch" do you need? That is, how far apart are the pins center to center?

How do you want to connect to the connector -- solder to wires, crimp to wires, solder to PCB, right angle?