circuit design

  1. Ganesan Magizh

    Electrical Over Stress - Looking your assistance to resolve the EOS issue in Automotive ECU.

    Dear Friends, I am working in an Electronics Manufacturer service (EMS) and we do PCB assemblies for Automotive products (ABS). We are getting many field failures due to components burnt issue. Mostly like diodes, ASIC, MCU and FET components are getting damaged/burning in the field. Whenever...
  2. T

    Microcontroller/Programming help needed! simple DIY project

    Howdy, so I am currently working on a small project to build a binary clock style watch. I am pretty new to circuitry and building small circuits. I do know some python and have been toying around with my raspberry pi 3B+. Here is the link to the project I plan to replicate and modify for my...
  3. L

    Redesign/Update of dated systems (Student Project)

    Hello all! For the last project for my application of ICs class, we have been tasked with updating Northrop and Nilakhe's No-Touch Ocular Pulse Measurement System. I attached the assignment specifications that I was given as well as the article itself that is mentioned. I've read a lot of...
  4. Lambo Av

    L293N enquiries for Robots with PIC microcontroller

    Hi, all. I have downloaded an L293N motor driver for my Proteus 8 Professional from the following website. Based on the video link in the website (or you can click here: ), it says that the 2 pins (unknown to...
  5. T

    2 Mcu's to one ethernet port

    Hello iam trying to connect 2 MSP432E mcu's to one ethernet port, iam thinking a 3 port ethernet switch would work or a optical isolator would work.I was curious if other ways exists such as just being able to connect both Mcu's ethernet traces to each other.any iput is appreciated thanks