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Embarrassingly, it seems 'off-line life' has -once again- made 'liars' of us:rolleyes: -- That said, I can imagine no scenario preventing either of us returning to regular participation next week (i.e. that of Mon May 13, 2019). In the meantime I'm pleased to have found made time for the...
Overview (Passive EHT Indicator) Principal Design goals: -To accurately measure 'floating' (i.e. non-ground referenced) DC EMFs to 100kV. (Zin=800MΩ). -To accurately measure positive or negative ground referenced DC EMFs to 75kV. (Zin =400MΩ). -To achieve stable readings via: Grounding of...
Firstly, a visual comparison ('Real Fed' vs. 'Mini-Fed'): And now a minute 'exploration' of bona fide Federal Standard Connectors... Beginning with 3 external views of an 'unadorned' well: And an interior view -- Note the keyway (annotated): Well-flange hardware: Hardware fully...
Dropping resistors Resistor tower spacers Semi-prepped dropping resistor Fully prepped dropping resistor Dropping resistor tower sleeves Lower tower end-caps (outside) view Lower tower end-caps (inside view) Upper tower end-caps (outside view) Upper tower end-caps...
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Editor's note: The following offered with grateful acknowledgement to AAC member @shortbus.

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