Fed connector presentation

Firstly, a visual comparison ('Real Fed' vs. 'Mini-Fed'):

And now a minute 'exploration' of bona fide Federal Standard Connectors...

Beginning with 3 external views of an 'unadorned' well:

And an interior view -- Note the keyway (annotated):

Well-flange hardware:

Hardware fully installed on (upright) well:


Now for a look at an uninstalled Federal Standard PLUG: Note 'key' (lower facing)

Juxtaposition of plug (foreground) and well (background) --
Again note 'key' near top (to wit: left end as pictured) of plug:

Plug partially inserted into well:

Plug fully inserted into well:


Plug installed on cable:

Cable-lock cap detail
-- Note threaded 'inner-ring' (annotated):

View of Well (lower left), Plug (lower center), Near-end of cable & lock cap (lower right). --- Note 'counterparts' at 'opposite' end of cable...

Plug assembly partially inserted into well.

Plug assembly fully inserted into well.
Note location of the retainer/lock-cap threads (annotated)

Lock-cap fully tightened -- plug/cable locked to well:

Note that although the cable shown in these images is partially armored -- Cu braid (immediately beneath the polymer jacket) covers the entire cable! -- The armor is merely by way of 'mechanical' damage preclusion with negligible electrical function...

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