Your HDTV will be obsolete


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The really sad thing is that we could have used the DVB OFDM physical layer modulation method with ATSC 1.0 so upgrades might have been compatible with today's advanced HDTV receivers with SDR frontends.

Portland has been at test site for ATSC 3.0 You can buy experimental 3.0 gear today but it's not cheap.

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I can get individual (local OTA) stations now, How is that going to work without streaming?
I'm not sure I understand the question. There will still be OTA stations, it's "just" a different codec and signal technology.

The use of OFDM broadcast technology instead of 8VSB used in the current system means that potentially there will be better reception indoors and near tall buildings. The HEVC "H.265" codec means higher quality and higher resolution signals can be broadcast without a massive increase in bandwidth. This is good, because there's no increase in bandwidth. Each TV station keeps its current 6MHz band.
A new tuner will probably be under $100 by the time you want one, which will be years from now even if the market embraces the technology, which is optional for now. Not on my list of concerns.


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OTA might not have much of a future. It's expensive...and it's like a one page, local website. They might be kept for corporate hobbies.

When someone discovers/manufactures, cheap THz won't be long for country wide wifi. We'll trade range for addressable bandwidth. Lots of bandwidth. A network grid.

I think mass produced THz tech will change a lot, fast.

There might be experimentation of it now. Some THz might cause ear/brain damage at certain frequencies/conditions.

Imagine google st view showing your bedroom/bathroom decor. Maybe in the future, backscatter THz insures no privacy whatsoever.

But I'm not paranoid.


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I expect OTA 'free' TV in the current radio bands to be around for a long time. The entire country is not WiFi friendly at frequencies with LOS reception properties and dense cells requirements. ATSC 3.0 will make OTA even better from the standpoint of pure data transmission for directed programming on channels. The linear TV experience for couples and families is a structure that's still king in prime time for older folks. Advertising rates are still increasing on broadcast TV. Your set might be obsolete but OTA won't be in the short or mid-term.