HDTV Power Inverter problems

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Hello all, I stumbled upon this forum through google, and could use some help.

I was at work one day, and one of our wonderful TVs no longer lit up. I decided I'd take it home, figuring it was probably just a bad capacitor, and I would get a nice new TV up and running.

Long story short, I got the whole thing apart, and there are no bad capacitors as far as I can tell. I did test them, and all of them seem to work fine from what I can tell.

Here's the best way I can lay this out:

The TV is a Samsung T240HD (24", CCFL etc etc). I had the power supply out, and plugged everything together (I will get pretty ambitious at times)...

I tried out a pair of smaller lights from a 20" display, and at first, they did not light up at all, however after maybe 5 minutes or so, they lit up, much to my surprise, and stayed on, however even when I turned everything off and turned it back on, there was still a long delay before the lights came on.

Am I totally looking at a new board? I've seen them go for about $50, which for me, is totally reasonable, this TV cost me nothing so far, and is absolutely wonderful. If I can get it up and running, it will replace a big 30" CRT we've had for years that is pretty terrible.

I'm not circuitry expert, but I work at a computer shop doing all sorts of repairs, and I have repaired displays with bad capacitors, but when there are none, I'm unsure about where to go next.

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I started off many many years ago working in a tv/video repairs shop...that's let the cat out the bag..anyway,with lcd's you have to check if the ht voltages, 12volts, 5volts etc are there..
I've seen 40'' plasma tv's that power up and give audio but no picture..replacement of the inverter board get's them running..check on line for spares. it would be best to get it checked out if your unsure of checking the voltage rails and getting a shock is not good!

ht rail should be around 158vdc...