XY6020L power supply problem

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Hi friends, i am in stuck trying to control my XY6020L. Could you share some more setup details?
I do not know if there is something wrong with my setup or my XY6020L simply do not communicates.

I have connected my XY6020L using pins 5V, TXD, RXD, GND to a USB to TTL serial adapter (RX to TX and TX to RX).
Set baudrate to 115200 like advised by g-radmac
Then send the command "010600120001E80F" (turn on) using a serial terminal.

I have tried different USB to TTL serial converters, serial terminals like Arduino Serial Monitor and NI VISA test panel, sending the command with termination and without, changing the baudrate to 9600, even swaping TX and RX. I am unable to get any response with that.

Can someone confess how he has obtained a response from the device, please? Maybe serial port settings like parity or stopbits needs to be changed, i do not know...