Xenon Tube, using flyback transformer in LtSpice?

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Hey @ericgibbs, thanks for the schematic, saves me a lot of time :)

Yeah, I'm looking at these amazing xenon phtoflash chargers ICs available in here -

Seems like all of them have an LTspice simulation circuit included, going to check these out later after work. This is awesome!

Not a lot of strict requirements, just this three below:
1. Portable and compact (very important) - preferably powered at 12V (3S 18650 cells) - this charger will be used to power a camera ring flash xenon tube for hand-held shooting outside.

2. 200W output - I saw some photoflash capacitors recently and they are very huge in size and I feel like aiming for a higher energy output will impact the overall size of the charger. This photoflash caps are only 1000uF but easily 3.5cm x 5.5cm in size.

3. Charging / recycling time preferably as low as possible (aiming for 3 seconds or less for a full 200W charge)
Is the charging time possible to simulate in LTspice with accuracy?

Looking at the above link of xenon charger ICs, I wonder what will be the important design specs and functionality of those ICs that I should focus on based on the requirements.

And does the choice of a flyback xfmr specs matter as well?, or I could just use a generic one as long as it would reach the required voltage of the photoflsh capacitor (340V~360V) ?


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You're wrong about power. You need to operate on the energy of the charged capacitor.
LTspice calculates the charging time correctly.
The type of transformer is important.