Wiring a Single Phase 115VAC Motor to a Dayton 2X440A Drum Switch

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Like the title says, I'm in need of some assistance wiring this new (used) motor to a drum switch for a new bench-top lathe I received. The original motor was incredibly crusty and in all honesty, a bit of a fire hazard. I was given a Dayton 5K445B motor (http://www.govliquidation.com/shared/auction/images/photos/70977/70976819.jpg) by my uncle as a replacement. I also have had a Dayton 2X440 drum switch laying around too, so I thought I would replace the multiple switch the lathe had for the original motor with that. The issue I'm face with (beyond the fact that I'm not well-versed in AC) is that the Dayton has 5 wires, which I can't seem to find any reference for. Also, the way the jumpers inside the motor are currently wired from its previous life don't match the diagrams on the motor plate. As it stands now, there are only 2 wires leaving the motor, and I can only assume they were running to a switch or other means of control.

The end goal is to have the motor such that I can run it forward, stop it, and then reverse, without any other devices involved.

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You will need to isolate the ends of both of the run windings and the start windings and bring them out of the motor first. With that you will have two independant run windings and one independant start winding being that it is a dual voltage motor.

After that you will need to configure your switch to send power to the run winding sets the same way regardless of which way you want it to turn and make it so that the start windings either get connected the same as the run windings for one direction or reversed for the other direction depending on how you set the drum switch.

If there are not enough contacts in the drum switch you will most likely have to set it up to run external relays or contactors that do the actual motor power switching work.