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image.jpeg Okay guys, so in out to ask what you all would probably suppose is the stupidest question ever asked here. The attached schematic is a project I am attempting. My question is, where it shows two wires going from the 12 volt psu to the led and the PIR. Does this mean I can splice a wire. Then make a fork in one wire to make it two wires?


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Electricity doesn't care about the shape of the path for current to flow, just that there IS a path. The topology of a wire doesn't matter as long as 1) there is continuity from point to point and 2) the gauge of the wire does not restrict the current flow. So you can complete a circuit with a copper bar or a disk or a forked octopus. It doesn't matter. The current will follow the path.

But do note #2 - you need a thick enough wire to carry the current for your load.


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The schematic is just drawn that way so it is easy to follow. If things were drawn the way they are wired then it would make a drawing hard to follow.

And some people do try to draw them that way! :)


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You know cap's can can become a problem on point to point wiring where the cap looks like it's after the IC I've seen this happen more than one time on strip board. I've had to move caps legs closer to the IC and the other closer to the power I guess it's the resistance. But good planning works.