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The current one was my favorite comic character as a kid. The new movie should be out next year.

There was also the made TV series pilot in 78 (never developed).
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is it not a spider? You and Takao hang out and watch ants together, right?
Nope, never met Takao

or Caving, which is a more universal term, they are really only known as Potholes in northern England, swallets in Mendip and parts of the Peak.

It's you, cliff-climping down a ravine. Wwe can see some ropes and a helmet. Yes?
Not quite, going down a natural limestone shaft

A seal tied to a glacier?:confused::D

Or perhaps, via an alternate perspective, a mountaineer/spelunker scaling a canyon/'sink hole'...?

I may have gained a few pounds but a seal, that's a bit unkind! :)

and the term "spelunker" :eek: is absolutely verboten over here

I thought it was a horse being rescued from being stuck on some rocks. Then I did a close up and decided it is a human going down a hole.

Been there, done that, have better photos.
So do I, this was taken by a friend on his iPhone using available light and this is not a surface shaft so it's not bad at all.


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I chose Tesla as my avatar for multiple reasons. The first is that he has always been my inspiration, and ultimately his work is what got me interested in electronics in the first place. The second reason is to remind others of him and his work. Much of the technology we have nowadays is based on at least some aspect of his work, yet many people know nothing about him. I urge everyone who is not familiar with Tesla, or even if you are, to read his biography. His life is fascinating and serves as constant encouragement for me to continue working in the electronics field.


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The three Musketeers, ready for new exciting adventures out in the wilderness in Tennessee. Right before they discovered JD.

Please tell the rest of the story. :D
Just being kids, myself and 2 younger brothers... Shooting at who knows what(it was a long time ago) out in a field..My uncle came to the house with his new Brownie camera and wanted to take some pictures. He had the pictures for 25 -30 years when one of his sons found them in an old shoebox. We had forgotten about them, but as soon as we saw them all 3 of us remembered that day.


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It depends on your purpose in a numbering system. If you start with zero, you can describe 10 states of being before you need two digits.
Aleph(0) means magnitude unattainably great and phase angle of 0 so transfinite real which is not same as like Real#/0 or lazy eight! Aleph(1) is number of positions between distinct points without bringing Planck length into it. So maybe sounds same as Aleph(0) but it isn't:cool:
Then again, Aleph might be digital, in which case the (0) subscript indicates that her current is not flowing.:confused:
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I found mine by chance during a discussion on drinks a short while ago. It seemed most appropriate although my knowledge of gin is limited to Bols genever.

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I found mine by chance during a discussion on drinks a short while ago. It seemed most appropriate although my knowledge of gin is limited to Bols genever.
Gin's my favorite drink, after craft beer... if that's all you know about gin, then I suggest you start exploring other brands. There are quite a few excellent options out there.


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Genever (Bols gin) has a totally different flavour and taste from London gin. Personally I prefer whisky, preferably single malt.


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After a day or two of scanning the forums I decided to sign up(i originally went through the textbooks while searching for some answers). When it came to choosing an avatar I scrolled through the pictures i had on my HD and I found this one to be the best metaphor for the veterans of the homework help. ;)