Blank avatar scaling -- may indicate a bug somewhere.

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I just noticed that when people have not uploaded an avatar that the default blank avatar seems to come in one of two different scalings:

blank avatar.png

Notice the difference for the one on the left.

This seems to be random, but when I look at the pop-up profile for them they correlate with another phenomenon that I've noticed for a long time, but that I thought had something to do with the avatar image that people upload since I had never paid enough attention when clicking on someone's profile who hasn't uploaded an avatar.

Consider the one on the left. When I click on it I get:

small avatar.png

But when I click on the one next to it I get:

big avatar.png

The issue appears to be with the profile because if I independently search for the member and go straight to their profile, the avatar images are either small or large exactly like they are in the pop-ups above.

This probably means that two different pieces of code are getting executed to do the same task -- something which is seldom a good idea if for no other reason than that future revisions are very likely to only update one of them and not the other. One possibility is that when someone creates a profile starting from a forum page they are not using the same code as someone else that starts the process from the top-level home page; but that is pure speculation.

It might be worth looking at the profiles of a few members in each group and see if there is any common denominator that is obvious. Otherwise, at least a bug report to Zenforo is probably in order.

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FWIW it has been my observation that (browser) plug-in utilities which block or otherwise interfere with the 'Gravitar' widget tend to alter the appearance of certain avatars -- Perhaps the above described issue owes to related phenomena?

Merely a thought...

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