Who would like to have zoom meetings?

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I have had an idea rattling around in my head kind of like a pea in a whistle. Every week I sponsor a zoom for trans girls only. I was thinking of doing something for the AAC members after I ran it by the staff. We would have at least one to see how this might work.

Some basic rules:

1. It will be attended by at least one moderator when in session. AAC is an English only site. Other rules, such as no politics will still apply.
2. It may last as long as an hour, or even longer if the moderator in question in charge is willing.
3. Since a lot of our members are overseas it will have to be relatively early in the day, this means it will likely have to be on the weekends since most other people work during the day. A 3:00 PM meeting will be 9:00 PM in the UK, and will be 10:00 PM in Europe. The 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Sunday slot is taken.

Invites will be done by PM.

Any other thoughts or suggestions?
The Day/Time would have to be agreed on first through discussions here. I will be limiting the number of invites to 10 or so (not counting moderators. Senior members will get priority.

You will need to set up a Zoom account previous to the meeting.
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