[DEAL ALERT] Zoom USB Audio Interface 2-in/2-out 75% off!

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For those of you who record sound, musicians or otherwise, here’s a heads up.

Today ONLY at B&H the Zoom U-22 Handy USB Audio Interface is 25 bucks (normally ~100). This is one of B&H’s daily deals. Sometimes they really cut the price on things. I think this one suffers from a USB Type-B interface which, for practical applications is fine, but on the shelf next to a Type-C equipped version would be vey hard to move.


So, their clearance might be your gain. 25 bucks! I ordered one and this deal seems too good to pass up for someone who can use such a device. This is only good for today, so if you want to get in on it, check it out soon. As the sun rises over the country this could get snapped up quickly (I have seen that happen).