who makes really small PCBs?

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Hi all,

Does anyone know of a manufacturer or fabricator (US or EU preferable) who makes really small 1 or 2-of PCBs? I am thinking something like an arduino with Bluetooth low energy shrunk down to the size of a US quarter/UK 10p (and may 3 coins thick)? I know there are modular systems like tinyduino but they are physically too high because of the piggyback boards. I am looking for a company to layout and/or fabricate the circuitry and ICs onto this really small form factor, any recommendations or guidance most welcome.



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I second the vote for OSHpark. I've used them. They're cheap, make boards in multiples of 3, and the quality is fairly good. Only downsides are that you're limited to purple soldermask and sometimes you have to break the boards apart yourself (they come out of a panel and are sometimes still connected to each other when you remove them from the package).

DirtyPCBs also does boards for pretty cheap, but in multiples of 10.

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If you want someone else to do the layout for you, it's likely to be expensive. Is cost an object? You can do the layout yourself with a freeware or even open source tool, and submit it to a board house. But if you want them to source the parts and assemble it, once again, there will be a cost. Not as much as if they do the layout, but still expensive.