Which MOSFET decides the current in this circuit?


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I didnt really understand. What do you mean with the On-Resistance?
It would seem that the words would be self-explanatory but apparently not.

Why are you trying to understand a MOSFET circuit when you apparently know very little about MOSFETs?

Suggest you look up a tutorial about MOSFETs and then get back with us.


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On-resistance ≈ drain-source resistance (presumably) . . . . . . . . but , i guess - if your output load has the impedance of near infinity - then the weakest link of the chain defines the lim. -e.g.- contrary to crutschow's . . . i guess he meant the "theoretically/potentially" "available" current (to the reasonably low load impedance . . . which is properly referenced to receive it)

Your question "does not define" = it is not possible to synthesize an answer for your like by (what is) presented (as a) description of the problem

?? what is it you aim at that you actually want to know