Where to find a magnetic reed switch ?

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Do you know any vendor of a reed switch assembly (two parts) that will slide a magnet in the exterior of a housing actuating the reed switch inside the housing ?
My depth-proof scuba flashlight had one of those as power switch. Cannot find something "trough-wall" like that, or do not know the proper term to search for one. The outer part is just a sliding magnet.

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#12; that is exactly the item. The magnet slides inside a holding channel that is secured to the exterior of a housing.
Reed switches are available at many places including my parts bins but cannot find the magnet slider part.


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Meder has a lot of models for magnets to be used with reed switches:

Not sure about the shape of your light but reed switches are more sensitive in the parallel plane than end to end. If your light was round you could make a magnet from a 1x.125x.250 assy like the m13 from the previous link and two small plastic wire ties. You would probably have greater than 3/8" either side of center as active zone. FWIW


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You may also find this interesting. It's a microswitch with a reed switch inside, this helps keep the contacts completely sealed from dirt and moisture.


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Considering this goes back to 21 Jan don't know if you found a solution. Radio Shack if they are still open sells these things which is the magnet switch combination with both magnet and switch enclosed. Can't help but think I have also seen them in Lowes and Home Depot but looking online I can't seem to narrow my search in their sites to find them. Any good hardware store should also have them as they are popular for window and door alarm circuits. Then there is Amazon also.