Where can find the textbooks written by Tony R. Kuphaldt?

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Few years ago, I had downloaded about 4 books named AC, DC, Digital and Semiconductors written by Tony R. Kuphaldt. Those were some of the excellent beginners books I ever found on Electronics. I refer all my students to his books but recently my students complain that those books are not present any more on this site. The topics of the books are present and also the pdfs of all indivisual topics are here. But the whole bundle seems to have disappeared. I had those files but I lost them when I changed my laptop. Can I please get a link to those books?


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First post and jumping in without introduction.
Reason is I want to thank Tony for his brilliant work on writing the "Textbook".
I am a scientist by training, biochemist to be precise. But I have always struggled with electricity, never been able to visualise it the way I can visualise and understand biology, for example. But, I am now getting somewhere with electricity I have never been before thanks to the "Textbook". I don't remember how I found AAC, but absolutely delighted I did.