Whats going on here with my IC's under IR.

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I work on the two examples below (engine control modules) often and what is seen is not normal at all. Its pretty rare I see such results when using IR all together so I am curious what might be going on here. Is each IC likely having issues or is it more likely an external source is causing it all? The first example I didn't spend much time looking at since I had replacement units available so not able to go back over it and mostly just hoping to discus possibilities on it. Example 2 I just did an initial check over on and will really start digging into it this weekend. If anyone is interested in more information just ask and I can post more details on it.

Example 1:
In this example, bottom right is VR (which is normal to run a little hot) to the right of it is a gate driver transformer. I've never seen it run hot with basic power up. The 5 on the right are all quad gated non-Inverting power drivers but they are not currently driving anything.

Example 2:
At first it was just one IC that was burning hot and shorted, I removed it then I get this.