whats going on here?

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Im a bit confused! I tried to log in but couldnt but after a lot of clicking around to see what links worked (most didnt) I came across a contact link that worked at the bottom of a page which took me to the forums? Whats wrong here,any Ideas? also it takes on average about 5 goes to type the two words on the image verification to get it right! Dont get me wrong this is a good site it just has a few problems


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If you can provide your login name, I will look into the problem.

The image verification we use (Recaptcha.net) is pretty standard across the net. Unfortunately Captchas are required to inhibit spammer activity.




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Perhaps that is true, but are the Captchas challenges tailored to each country? As a native English speaker, I find the first word is usually pseudo-English. That is, it can be pronounced but has no meaning. The second word is often English. Now, if the words were presented to me is Yiddish or Greek, I might have a much harder time.

Are there scales of difficulty such that AAC's level could be set to include two common English words?



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One of the words in each recaptcha is actually "unknown" by the service. It only matches against the other. The service is used to both block spammers, and to help digitize old books. The words look psuedo-English because after an OCR fails to identify the word, you're next in line to have a go at it :) - very neat use of human computation.