What Long Range RFID Reader that should i use?

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Hello guys, i have a project automatic door for cat, that when the cat is near 20cm or 30cm from the door, then the door will open. So im going to use rfid, i try to use rfid passive disc tag, but then im confuse about rfid reader that can read at a long range, after searching at google i found it can be make, but i still confuse, if you guys have some guide, advice, reference or you have done this before, or if you guys have a better component that should i use, please tell me, im stuck because this is for my final exam. Thank you so much



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I could probably do that but if you sift through their offerings yourself you will learn a lot more than if I just suggest ONE single application note. Texas Instruments has application notes that address RFID readers with the kind of range I think you are looking for.