What kind of timer relay do I need?

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I am making a pair of decorations lighted with strings of LED Christmas lights. I want to wire them so they will alternate every 20-30 seconds. The supply voltage is 120VAC. What kind of timer relay do I need to find and how would I connect it? I've worked with timer relays in the past, but the charts in the instructions always seems to confuse me.
I have a couple of Autonics AT11DN-1 timers from another project, but they are marked 12VDC supply so I'm pretty sure they won't work.
I'm looking for something inexpensive (like ebay). I don't really have time to wait for an overseas shipment, so no China sellers.
I see a bunch of these on ebay and they are cheap.
I don't think they would repeat the cycle like I need, unless I could pair a couple of them and used the second one to reset the first one.


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They would work, but they only give a One-shot time, so they would need to have power removed to reset them, how about a 555 /CD4060 astable kit or similar?

Otherwise its one of those digital mains timers, but i think the minimum time is 1minute..
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Top DIP switch goes to the left and the other 3 to the right (Bottom timing chart in the picture)? Then power the coil and the contacts should flip/flop at the rate set by the knob? Do I have this correct?
Yes, that will give you a time adjustable up to 1 minute.