What is the cause of change in rotation of a single phase induction motor?

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My question is not what causes a single-phase induction motor to turn when we implement a secondary start winding at 90 degrees to the main run winding. So that subject can be completely left out. That is not my question. I had to start this new thread because on my other thread no one snapped out of it.
You have a start capacitor hooked up in one of the legs of the power supply to the start winding. This is AC alternating current system. 120 volts.
1. The capacitor is hooked up to one of the power supply wire to start winding. There are two wires alternating current. This causes the motor to turn one direction. At least in the United States.
2. Then you switch the two wires as if it is a DC power supply and the motor turn the other way. Why? The current is alternating between the wires.

Don't both wires have equal footing? Doesn't current in each wire go both directions at all times once the load is hooked up? Is one ahead of the other? Is that what they are not telling?
If the capacitor is hooked to the one that ahead implies clockwise rotation or that one is counterclockwise? So what happens when you switch it?
Could it be that if you hook up the capacitor to the one that is behind cause clockwise rotation? The coil is in the same place and the capacitor doesn't move. The AC system doesn't change. So the only thing that is left on my lap is one of the wires is ahead of the other always calling shotgun. So the current comes from that through the starting coils ( or capacitor then to the coil?) or to the coil, then capacitor?
And when you swap the wires, the capacitor first then the coil?
Either way, it seems to me that it is clearly a matter if the capacitor gets current before the coil or the coil gets it before the capacitor that determines the direction of rotation and let's not forget, that in the light of if you will that one of the wires always calling shotgun. That is what I think. Something is messed up either in my head that I don't see their answer or other people's head that they don't hear my question.

All I get from people and I mean no matter where I go, all they tell me is about out of phase start winding. Totally hypnotized by the location of the start winding that causes the motor to rotate. Stop it already.
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