What is the bus in a power system?


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Can you please explain to me what a bus is?
It is a bit of a general term that can take a few forms.
It can depend on the environment as to the nature it takes,
For example, when I started out in the electrical field, a Bus was a series of AC H.V, conductors, usually bare copper bars in an large enclosure that were used as a distribution point.
This was known as a Bus-Bar distribution system.
In general it tends to mean a distribution point for a power source.


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Can you please explain to me what a bus is?
To over simplify a bit; bus is typically used to describe when many things are connected directly together. Sometimes it refers to power, sometimes communications, etc.. For example, something like the picture below is often called a bus bar; it's one conductor that connects many wires together. It's a general term and does not necessarily mean one wire. For example the term bus is used frequently for communication connections. If you hear the term I2C bus, this means a bunch of wires connected together such that various devices can communicate, as shown in my second image below. So bus is a general term, meaning many things are connected together with shared connections.