What is power electronics future

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I would like to have your different opinions about this question : What is power electronic futur ? In which field ? What would be the futur technology ? ... Everything you can tell me will be great :D

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Future? Future of course belong to polycrystalline diamond semiconductor devices. Even today they show a 1000 kV per mm of thickness, 10 000A per cm2 of barrier layer, and up to 10 kW per cm2 and when smaller in sizes then up top 100 Terahertz frequencies. However I never seen it at shop, however first articles was made about 10 years ago. It means, something is not so easy as looks.
P.S. and have a "normal" work temperature up to 1000 C or damage temperature 3000 C whilst radiation of some 100 000 Roentgens per hour is still acceptable.