What does these two block in mppt represent?


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Both blocks represent software functions, at least that is what they look like. The first block is too blurry to read. The second block is a saw-tooth wave generator. It would be used as part of a variable duty cycle/PWM arrangement..
The whole image is an abstraction, not an actual circuit.
And my guess is that "Mppt" is short for "Maximum power point test" or something similar. AND KNOW that I find undefined acronyms a bit offensive, unless they are super common. which this one is not.


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hi billeg,
The left block is sampling the V/I from the PV panel, the right block sets the Mark/Space ratio of the PWM charging the Battery, using the sampling logic, aiming for MPPT transfer from Panel to Battery.

MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking [Transfer], look at a Solar/PV cell datasheet curves they show the MPPT
EG 1338.gif
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