What do you think about this cheap electronic and components?


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I am always leery of any AliX vendor that uses stock photos of their so-called factories and facilities. If they lie about that... Chinese "replica" parts sold by clueless vendors are very iffy at best, especially if you are willing to risk that kind of money on a hope and prayer. I do buy some transistors and chips from china, but I at least give them a basic go/no-go test on arrival and far too often have to file a dispute against the vendor for restitution which is only for the price of the parts and not my time and effort testing and documenting their failure for the dispute. Caveat Emptor and I would never use those parts for a commercial venture or repair. YMMV


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This is a "store" in Shenzen that specializes in counterfeit parts; from a report by SMT Corp:

If you get a counterfeit part that "works", you're lucky:


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Hello guys as the title say, What do you think about this cheap ele.. and comp..
Found a lot of them but I am not sure about quality. Any suggestions guys?
I need 50 pcs.
Want to buy this one - https://aliexpress.com/e/_DeLuqef

I don't know about "cheap", at least in terms of price. In quantities of 25 you are looking at about $13 from either DigiKey or Mouser. But... neither currently has stock.

If you absolutely need that part and you can't get it anywhere else, then you might buy a few and test them thoroughly before buying more. I would be VERY leery of making a $1k+ order only to discover that they are all the other kind of "cheap", as in worthless counterfeits.


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I have had mixed results with Ali Express, it is a gamble.

For something like that controller that you will probably spend many hours programming and debugging (rinse and repeat) I would recommend buying from an authorized distributor rather than risking many hours or days troubleshooting a defective chip.


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I second the idea of going for an authorized distributor. On the other hand, you may try using search engines such as Octopart or findchips. They are quite useful to make the comparison.

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Yes guys I think also is better to find good source then go just randomly. Thanks a lot.
Any store or wholeseller is welcome, just reply!


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This is a "store" in Shenzen that specializes in counterfeit parts; from a report by SMT Corp:
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If you get a counterfeit part that "works", you're lucky:
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Nice selective blurring. Looks like they are harvesting some shell-fish to me. Why would anyone make a counterfeit chip and them dump them in bulk on a River bank to "dry".

note that SMT Corp is a direct competitor to the companies harvesting chips off of used boards and recovering left- overs from reels and tubes from PCB houses. This must be undercutting into SMT Corps profits.

show Me one of these famous fabs that make "counterfeit" chips. I'd love to take a look at their ultra efficient manufacturing process that makes them so inexpensive. The chips I've ordered work, low noise op amps are low noise, low power op amps are low power. These "counterfeiters" seem to have efficiency knowhow that western manufacturers could use - maybe they are saving a bunch by using that famous trick of dumping the batch on a River bank to dry.
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