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    Dec 17, 2013
    I am having trouble trying to figure out what parts to use for the adder, adder/subtractor, and multiplier in the following portion of this pspice circuit:

    I have already built and simulated it in Pspice. However, I am also required to build a physical circuit on a breadboard. I have never used to following three components in a physical circuit: upload_2016-6-8_23-18-2.png (Note: Ignore the two parallel lines that look like a capacitor.)

    Are there certain IC's I am supposed to use for them (maybe like a digital logic adder?). Also, the figure shown above is only a portion of the whole circuit. The entire circuit has many voltage sources, each having a different value. I only have access to one power supply. Can I use 9v batteries for each source? If so, how would I manipulate the voltage?(voltage divider?). Lastly, can I use a 9v batter for a current source (As shown in the figure above as I1 and I2)?
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    It is time for you to take this to your professor/instructor and ask some questions. It seems like you've missed/mis-understood some information in class.

    I say this because it is important that you get caught up and fully understand what is expected of you. I doubt you can get completely informed and caught up by random people throwing comments to you on a forum. Don't waste your money and fail a course - try everything and spending time at a professor's office hours is a good attempt to fill your gaps in understanding.