Weather Station - 12V Battery - Solar Panel : Help needed

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I am trying to improve the setup of a remote weather station that I am responsible for.

It is a Onset U30 data logger. The factory supplies a small 4-volt (10Ahr) sealed battery that has trouble maintaining the unit during the winter. I want to upgrade the system to use a 12-V deep cycle marine battery.

The Onset technician says that their U30 needs 3.5 volts to operate, 4-5 volts optimally, and can tolerate up to 8 volts input. It sips power and can run quite a long time on just a battery.

I found a unit that looks like this in one of our labs.

It behaves strangely though. When I hook it up to a 12V supply on the solar terminals, the battery terminals show a few millivolts less, but theload terminals show no voltage. Stranger if I meter the negative battery terminal to the positive load terminal I get 12V, and if I meter the negative battery terminal and the negative load terminal I get 9V. If I meter the two load terminals I get 0.1V.

I also got something similar to one of these.

But the manufacturer says it needs _exactly 12V_ all the time to work. Would not discuss <12V or >12V with me.

So. I'm looking for another solution.

I want to supply between 4-6 DC Volts to the weather station.
I want to use a 12 V deep cycle
I want to charge the battery with the solar panel. The one I have I think is 12V... output varies between 10 and 14 or so I think.

A weather resistant would be desirable, but the electronics are contained in a weather-proof box.

A better made solar controller may be all I need, but given the one I found and that seeming to be such a prevalent model I don't know what to shop for.

I could consider getting a different battery, but we have lots of these marine batteries lying around unused... so it would be good to at least try to use one of these.


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If it can work in car, that 5V adapter will be fine off your battery. If you have doubts, there are many other options off e-bay. Just look for a DC-DC converter that meets you specs.

I'm not sure I understand what you need for your panel and charge controller. You want a panel with an open circuit (no load) voltage of at least about 18V and even 24V would be OK. You may not need anything but a blocking diode to prevent reverse current. But we need more details about your panel to be sure.


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Your Amazon seller is a stock clerk not an electrical technician. If he were he would have read the very first spec on that thing is the input voltage range of 8 to 23 volts.

NO power supply needs an *exact* voltage of anything. Everything has a tollerance.

However, you may be better served using a 6volt battery and ditching the buck converter, which while very efficient is not really going to "sip" power.

Back up, get a handle on your needs before you design a solution. How much does your station really "sip"? Is that continuous? How much sun do you get in the winter? Maybe the battery is just fine but you need a larget solar cell to charge it on a short sunny day?