Way to 'moving' in LCD monitor repair ? Dell 2709

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I have bought one such and in the advertise i saw problem with colors. When have tried to power it on it wont even power up. there is panel to control the device. When put the power touch the LEDs are going from bottom to top(like loading...) and then back to bottom OR there are lighting power LED and one over it but just for seconds and no display data on the display.

The question here is how to proceed. In one 17`` there is only one transformer from kind X then only 2 doubled Diodes for rectify, only one Power Ic/Or with Power Mosfet. Here i see:
6 Ics
two mosfet on heatsink
1+1+2 Rectifiers on heatsink

I have all caps on this board and in my little paranoid mind there is thought i have made some mistake.

Thank you.

If you give me some 'manual' i won`t be lazy and will read it