Volatge Regulator -- what type capacitors


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The TLC555 and LM555 are not the same. Check the specs.
LM555 and NE555 are notorious for generating huge spikes on the supply lines.

Stick with TLC555 or LMC555 unless you really need the 200mA output capability.


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You will need a special solenoid capable of that speed, an ordinary high inertia type won't cut it.
Also you have to watch putting any kind of diode or snubber across the coil as it will slow it down.


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I still recommend putting 0.1μF ceramic caps on the input and output pins of the regulator.
Such an output capacitor - in conjunction with its finite ESR (!) - helps to improve the stability of the regulator (which is a closed-loop system).
It acts as a kind of lag-compensation.
More than that, some regulator types even require this capacitor (and a finite ESR).