[VIDEO] Another Excellent Video from Kathy…

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If you are not familiar with Kathy of the Kathy Loves Physics and History YouTube channel, you should be.

Kathy produces technically and historically accurate videos about scientists, inventors, and their work doing original research into the documented history. She uses original sources, and doesn’t regurgitate other YouTubers or popular accounts. Sometimes, this means rewriting history to match the evidence.

Her series on electricity from the start of scientific investigation is particularly interesting, and her informed interest in the physics and math involved complements her interest in the people making her presentations complete and fascinating.

This new video covers the invention and development of the transformer, and it’s excellent.

TRIGGER WARNING: This video contains compelling debunking of some Nikola Tesla myths that may cause some people to lose their composure. If you are sensitive to truth about counterculture heroes, you may want to skip this video.