VICI VC8145 Bench DMM vs FLUKE 80050A

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Well I discovered a bit of a shortcoming with the VICI. It's lowest A range is 20.000mA. Which does get it down into the uA range albeit very very slow to settle. Sooo... I did some poking around and thanks to fleaBay now have a FLUKE 8050A which in the 200uA range gives you down to 00.00uA and only takes 1s to settle or less. Discovered the limitation trying to measure some base current on a transistor and had drug out my FLUKE 27 which also has uA range which got me to thinking. No backlight, only 4 1/2 digits LCD, but damn it was cheap. A very pleasant surprise when looking in their manual I found the alignment procedures! Nice old tried and true addition that I am sure to enjoy using. The VICI has an extra digit but can be very very slow to settle and has a few extras like square waves generation, temp meas, freq meas, capacitance meas. But the FLUKE is just a solid VAR digital meter and good at it plus dB and siemens. Haven't compared the high V but right now don't need that.