v in v out ground plus minus dc

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i read a lot but no one seems to be able to answer this. I have car battery 12v. I have step up converter with v in and on other side ground and v out and ground.
my question is on this chinese step up converter what is what? They are known to jumble up things and even used black for plus in another item. Plus from attery to what? Minus to what?
then to laptop to charge it when it is off. Does need schottky diode in between?

i will try to upload pictures.



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I'm not sure why it's confusing to you. You can clearly look at the components and see how the caps are labeled and correctly wired to positive and negative. You can see the inductor is on the positive side where it's supposed to be. The inductor is on the input side (C1 capacitor is on input side, VIN is your 12V positive), and the output side of the convert is on the opposite end (C2 side), assuming your stepping UP to something higher than 12V. Notice that the Caps are rated for not more than 35V.