Using silver solder paste

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I'm trying to repair the ribbon cable connection on an LCD screen and one of the post I read suggested repairing it with silver solder paste. I am a hobbyist with good regular soldering skills, but have never used solder paste. Is it used just like regular solder? Why the paste? Any tips on using it?

I would like to practice on something other than the final LCD, what else can be soldered using the paste?
Anything options to look out for when purchasing it (ie with regular solder the size of the solder and mix)?



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All the silver soldering processes I know and have used requires considerable heat, depending on the level of silver used, often a Borax based flux is used (you can make your own).
It is not the level of heat I would want to use on a LCD screen.


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You could use regular temperature solder paste. But.............solder paste is not often used for rework. Could you post a picture of the board and connector?