Using same codes on diffrent STM32F3 MCUs

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I'm currently working on a embbeded circuit project which will use STM32F3 MCUs. We're currently at very beginning of the project and problem we have is we have STM32F303ZET6 development board but we don't have STM32F303ZET6 as SMT in our country. And we're going to design a PCB with SMT components. So we have to change our MCU to other STM32 MCUs (to STM32F3 series or STM32F4).

My question is if I write a code for STM32F303ZET6 can I use the same code with other STM32F3 or STM32F4 MCUs? I'm planning to write codes with arm mbed libraries. I also don't really know how those libraries work, do they work for every STM32 MCU?